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Maika, Inc. provides access to safe shelters and other required support services to victims of domestic abuse and violence among immigrant population of all origins, especially South Asian and Middle-Eastern communities. Maika supports women to be autonomous through a full array of assistance measures including emergency shelter, transitional housing, education, counseling, assisting with job search and legal aid.


To develop culturally specific strategies to prevent and stop domestic violence and abuse in all communities. More specifically we aim to:

  • Develop awareness among different communities about the existence of domestic violence and abuse existing within their community.
  • Educate the community about the long-term negative psychological and emotional impact on the children growing up in abusive environments.
  • Develop a support system through the religious leaders of each faith group within their respective community.
  • Develop community outreach programs to educate adults of both genders about abusive versus healthy relationships.
  • Empower women to stand up and lead independent lives free from abuse and domestic violence.
  • Overcome language and cultural barriers that exist for victims.
  • Assist mainstream services be more accessible and help public agencies with cultural sensitivities of the families.